Dear friends of Farmer´s Markets in Prague

Farmer´s Market – this modern phenomenon can certainly be perceived in different ways. For some, this is the only pleasant change of everyday purchases, for another this is distant whiff of sweet France and somebody can not imagine his life without it. It is indifferent for hardly anybody.

Farmer´s Market at Republic Square (Náměstí Republiky) has the ambition to be not only place of purchase, but also the point of meeting, tasting and moments of pleasant shopping in the middle of the hectic city at all. For this purpose there is so-called neverending table – of course there is the end of this table (20 metres), but what its dimension exceeds – there are moments that you will spend at it: gurman moments (tasting of delicacies from the market) or friendly moments (conversation with other, similar minded people).

To really enjoy the market and notionally to be in Paris, don ́t be afraid to talk with salers, ask for whatever you are interested in (perhaps even bargain for the price). The shopping in the market is the exact opposite of the shopping in the supermarket. Only in markets you can shop at salers, inspect the goods, ask about its origin and think about shopping in calm and unhurried atmospere.

And if we are talking about Farmer´s Markets at Republic Square, it remains to mention one important fact: the square has changed during several decades but still as it looks for its human face. That is given just by the farmers. Square has a new, more enjoyable dimension and it stopped to be a mere place of passage.

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Tomáš Ságl

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